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Book Online Obituary Ads in Newspaper
Book Online Obituary Ads in Newspaper

What is Obituary Ads?

    Obituary ads are placed in the Newspapers by near and dear ones in case of an event of death. These are trying times for you and your family but informing the family and friends is also a moral duty. Booking an obituary ad in the newspaper is the best way to inform all at once. You can choose between Display Obituary Ads or Text Obituary Ads as per your need. plays a supporting role in ensuring that the ad is placed in the right newspaper for maximum reach in a cost effective manner.

Types of Obituary Ads in the Newspaper

  • Death Announcement Ads
  • Chautha - Uthamna Ads
  • Death Anniversary Ads
  • Marka Ads
  • Condolences Ads
  • Sad Demise Ads
  • Bhog Ceremony Ads
  • Prayer Meeting Ads
  • Tributes Ads
  • Remembrance Ads

Ingredients for placing an Obituary Ad in the Newspaper

  • Make sure you have all the information as the ad will get published in the Newspaper.
  • Check the spelling of the name and the dates carefully.
  • Decide the time of placing the ad.
  • Read other obituary ads to take some reference or click here for samples.
  • Write down any additional information you would like to give in the ad.
  • The funeral details are also a part of the obituary ads hence this information should also be correct.

Types of Obituary Ads in the Newspaper

Display Obituary Ads

Display Obituary Ads are a combination of text with picture of the deceased with details like the name, date of birth, date of expiry, a message, name of family members and a coloured picture. This ad is more visual in nature and costs more than the text based obituary ads.

Text Obituary Ads

Text Obituary Ads are text only ads with the basic details like the name, date of expiry and name of a family member. These ads are cheaper and short in information.