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Looking to book an Obituary Ad in Newspaper

Growing up in life is the best time for any child but with our fathers and mothers working so hard, we tend so spend more time with our grandparents. Grandfathers are special as they guide us, play with us and also sometimes give extra love. They even become our good friends and inculcate strong values, share their stories of the past and make us confident. When we lose them suddenly it puts us in state of shock and sometimes we canít even think how to express our feelings.

Here you will find a few words which we have tried to compile to help you express better.

    Obituary Messages for Grandfather

    I grew up learning things you taught,
    Whenever I lied, you always caught
    The times spent with you are unforgettable
    Life is moving on but sometimes feels miserable.

    Words canít express feelings, Grandpa
    Your hands so soft, your eyes so blue
    You will leave us so early, I never knew
    Now I sit here and think of you
    Looking at the window thatís filled with dew.

    Missing you, Grandpa
    Dadu mere Dadu, teri yad sataye Har lamha ab mujhko tanhayi ka ehsas dilaye Kaun bachaega ab mujhe papa ki dant se Sapne apke jaga dete hai mujhe ajkal adhi rat mein.

    Dadu, kahan do
    A grandfather is many qualities wrapped in one,
    Playing with him in the garden is lot of fun Wisdom, Love and Dignity is always that you gain, A wonderful personís loss is always a pain.

    Memories with you, Grandpa
    My grandfather was my best friend
    He always taught me to set the right trends
    He has left now sitting in godís train
    His values given to me will always remain.

    Your Teachings were special, Grandpa
    Your loss for us is a sad event
    We have everything but donít feel content You were an inspiration, you were a star Your memories are here but you have gone away far.

    Wish we could have you back, Grandpa
    When angels leave, life feels so empty
    They keep guiding us, our mind feels so free
    They move on and leave memories behind
    Though we have eyes, without their guidance we feel blind.

    You were an Angel, Grandpa
    Some people lose their loved ones at an early age They face a lot of struggles through the lifeís phase I have been fortunate to have you guide me for so long Your advice to me always felt like a beautiful song

    You were special, Grandpa

    Kuch logon ki kami zindagi mein koi nahin bhar sakta Kash aap hote sada mere sath aj bhi mujhe aisa lagta Apki shikshayon ke karan hi zindagi bani hai khush hal Madad karna sikhaya apne bank eek dusre ki dhal.

    Apne banaya majbut, Dadaji
    The little things you did for us were so wonderful The memories we treasure within us are so beautiful You showed us that actions speak louder than words The values that you gave us, makes us fly like birds.

    Your actions spoke aloud, Grandpa